Friday, April 19, 2013

American Leather Comfort Sleepers

A Comfort-Sleeper V.S. a Wall Bed (Murphy Bed)

American Leather Comfort-Sleepers are known for their quality, comfort, and portability. Murphy beds are also space savers but they can weigh your room down and can pull away from your wall. Save your wall space and have fun with some beautiful wall art above your Comfort-Sleeper instead! 

A Murphy bed may have different look and finish options but is not as inviting or comfortable as an American Leather Comfort-Sleeper. American Leather offers many more styles and beautiful upholstery options to fit your home. 

Comfort-Sleepers accommodate a modern lifestyle by having practicality and style without having to bring in a cumbersome piece of furniture into your space.

Come test a Comfort-Sleeper at Furniture Divano today! Visit our website for San Diego Furniture or American Leather blog for more info.

Pictured above: Lindsey 

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