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How to Make Your Guests feel At Home

3 Steps For Finding the Right Solution for Overnight Guests

American Leather Comfort-sleepers, Cozy Mattress, murphy beds and wall beds
Get A Good Nights Sleep on a Guest Bed!
We all know the story of the three bears featuring their unexpected opinionated guest "Goldilocks" and her preferences for porridge and beds. We know that not all guests have the same expectations for how comfortable a guest bed should be but we know that when it comes to dual purpose beds you fear that any comfort at all may be compromised. We have put together this informative article to help you see there are many comfortalble options to help your guests enjoy their visit with you!

In some cases wall beds can be a great solution for your guests. This was the case when bars and springs were the only option for sofa beds. Similar space-saving or dual-purpose beds such as "Murphy Beds" , day beds or futons are sought out by people turned off by the idea of an uncomfortable sofa bed mattress. 

We understand that comfort and ease of use is at the top of your list when looking for the right accomodations for your guest. Although thinking of  your guests makes sense while searching for sleepers you also know you want a piece of furniture that will suit your space. There are a few gems out in the sea of furniture that have evolved in the past decade.With the right research you can find the right product that will have your guests well rested and comfortable and a piece of furniture that adds style and comfort to your home.

Murphy beds were a BIG attraction to our showroom because of the mattress options and the floor space it can save you. The reality is, after working out the details in what our clients were trying to accomplish, a high quality sofa sleeper ended up being the best fit for nine out of ten of our customers. A lot of times, they found that they were opting out of having extra seating in the room for the sake of holding an extra bed for occasional overnight guests.

Not all sofa beds are created equal. Some companies have tweeked and completely revolutionized the way a sofa bed looks, sleeps and even works altogether. One change being completely removing the bars and uncomfortable springs. You can search all of the web and see that sofa beds can cost anywhere from $600-3k. Some options that will cost just as much as the  Murphy bed or some that may even save you money!

In searching for a great bed for your guests here is a guide to some more info on some bed options that may surprise you!

1.How Often Will You Use the Bed? 

comfort-sleepers, wall beds murphy beds, cozy mattressWhat will it's main function be? This is the key question to ask yourself before you choose a type of bed. How often your guests stay over will determine whether you need the bed the most. If you find that there may be weeks or months that go by with out using the bed consider a piece that will have dual function.

Having the option for extra seating can be a great benefit to a sofa sleeper. In many cases they are much more easier to operate this way as well.

Deciding whether it will be used more often as a sofa or a bed can help narrow down your options. Especially if you know you will be sitting on this sofa often. 

   For best use as BOTH a sofa and a bed try:

cozy mattress, wall beds murphy beds
A thicker more comfortable sofa bed mattress by Cozy!
A Cozy mattress - which is a commercial rated mattress that can be used everyday. Thick and firm as a regular coil mattress found in most bedrooms,  Cozy has a special "Z-spring" design which keeps the mattress coils from wearing down when you sit on it as a sofa.
sofa beds, wall beds, murphy beds, cozy mattress
Easy to pull out and better built than standard sofa beds.
Comfort-Sleepers by American Leather beat any other option
for guest beds and sofas!
American Leather Comfort-Sleeper - Rated for everyday day use and can stand up to a regular foam mattress. Comfort-sleepers have a completely revolutionized mechanism with no bars and no springs! Mattresses can be upgraded to a Tempur-Pedic or gel-infused foam for added comfort. All foam used is a high density foam which will last as you use it, fold it up and sit on it as a sofa.


2.What Size Is the Best Fit for Your Space and Guests?

Besides knowing if it will fit in the room, consideration needs to be taken into the door it will be coming through. What size mattress will fit best in your room? You also need to make sure you have enough room to walk around it when it's pulled out as well.

How many people will be using this bed and what amount of  space do they need to feel comfortable? Some brands of sofa beds offer true mattress sizes from cot to king size mattress!

murphy beds, wall beds and sofa beds

If getting it in the door is the main issue:

Pick a more modest arm style. Find a sofa with a short overall depth.

American Leather Comfort-Sleepers disassemble for better mobility! And most of the time fit right in the door with out taking it apart because the overall measurements are the smallest sofa sleepers you will find!

If getting around the pulled out bed is the issue:

American Leather Comfort-Sleepers give you more mattress with the least pulled out length. Because this uniquely designed mechanism works better than a standard sofa bed, the mattress sits further back into the sofa and wider than regular sofa bed mattresses leaving smaller gaps inside the sofa giving you more space to walk around it!

3.What Degree of Comfort and Quality Do Your Guests Need?

Age, health and many other details factor into the needs of your guests if your company suffer from back problems or have more trouble getting up from bed then you should stay away from thin springy mattresses!

murphy beds wall beds, sofa beds

murphy beds, wall beds, sofa beds, cozy mattress
The thicker mattress means the bars will not be felt
andyour guests will have a much better nights sleep!

The Cozy mattress is a lot thicker than a regular sofa bed mattress and also has a better coil design. To support the mattress and your guests the mechanism itself is a lot thicker and durable as well.

Usually the most uncomfortable part of sofa beds is the bar that goes across the bottom. The Comfort-sleeper mentioned above has no bars to worry about at all!
No bars no springs! So if you don't want guests to suffer from back problems and need a mattress with support, the platform used gives the bed a much firmer feel.

At Furniture Divano we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have while shopping for sleepers. Many of the mattress mentioned are on display for you to try out! Stop into our Miramar Rd. showroom today or visit our website

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