Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wall art just in this week!

Benefits of Pairing Your Sofa with Wall Art

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Do You Like Abstract Wall Art?

Come into our showroom on Miramar Road to see the real deal! 

Abstract paintings and coastal inspired paintings work very well in a modern space and enhance any room you place them. When you have an otherwise neutral color scheme in your space bringing in a painting with colors you like will bring inspiration for other colorful accessories in your room.

Choosing wall art can be as crucial as choosing a sofa. You hope to keep it on your wall for a very long time yet is easier changed than a sofa if you decide to change the mood in your room. A good quality piece and a perfectly matched piece is a great investment when you choose something you love. In that case you will never have to think about changing your wall art again!

The pieces start at about 4.5' x 3.5' and they get bigger. If you're interested in seeing more come in to our showroom today. 

For other great furniture pieces to go with this exciting art visit   

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