Monday, February 20, 2017

The State of Retail

January and February are dreaded months in retail regardless of who is president but the last two months have appeared to be slower than usual. One has to wonder if the current administration and its issues has anything to do with the slowing of traffic in retail stores. Big ticket items may not be on everyone's list but the slow down in January and February is obvious. It's tax season so people are focused on that but I also have to wonder if Trump being elected president is also hurting the State of Retail. The country seems to be at odds with each other so there is uncertainty and when there is uncertainty people tend to stay conservative with their money. It's a snowball effect and I for one would hate to see another recession because of our current administration.

Over President's Day weekend we saw an increase in traffic and that tells me people are waiting for sales as well but rest assured here at Furniture Divano we will always give you the best price. Apples to Apples. I to love a good deal, we all do but we also need to realize when a good deal is just fluff created to attract customers to a store. Car dealerships do this a lot, and when you go to the lot to get a great deal on a car you are left questioning why you fell for the hype in the first place. Also realize when you are getting a good deal on sub par merchandise. Sure certain retailers can hype up great deals but when you start peeling away the layers what exactly are you getting? Yes, Macy's may have Natuzzi but what are you really getting? Understand they carry the starting line of Natuzzi and for a few hundred dollars more you can buy Natuzzi Editions with full, top grain leather and the peace of mind that you will have the backing of amazing customer service.

Bottom line is this: Know the product and do your research but also know when you are being sold a bill of goods.


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