Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blog Blitz - Day One "Ditch The Ottoman"

Ditch the Ottoman
When Stressless first came out with their line of recliners the idea of a detached ottoman seemed like a good idea at the time but quickly got old. Constantly having to move the ottoman out of the, not enough space, adjusting and readjusting just to get comfortable. When you have a bad back or sore shoulders the last thing you want to do is mess with an ottoman. I sold Stressless for many years and trust me when I say the hype is not real.

Enter Himolla...

Himolla has redefined the recliner, not only making it less bulky but also structuring their recliners so they are truly "stress less". With an integrated footrest, a reclining mechanism that requires little to no effort and a self articulated headrest that truly cradles. Not only did Himolla redefine the recliner but they made it so you can truly "ditch the ottoman".

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