Friday, March 10, 2017

Blog Blitz - Day Three "Not all warranties are created equal"

Himolla not only took the recliner to the next level of comfort and quality but they also have the best warranty of any recliner on the market! Other recliner companies such as Stressless and IMG only offer a year or two on the leather and stitching but Himolla raised the bar giving it the best warranty for reclining furniture on the market.

We offer a 5 year guarantee on all these parts:
+ Padding, sub-springing and interiors springing
+ Frame and non-moving parts
+ Durability and resistance properties of our Longlife leather*
+ Cold cure moulded seat cushions**
This guarantee is subject to standard domestic use with our product care instructions.
*General Quality and Testing Regulations for Furniture - Quality Assurance RAL-GZ430
**Where applicable

During product development all mechanisms and frames are thoroughly tested in our test lab often referred to as ''torture chamber''. Dummies of 286lbs (130kg) in weight simulating a human body are placed on a mock-up chair. Standard test conditions try to sumulate an 11 year life cycle allowing us to detect possible weak spots long before first deliveries.

All the furniture is rigorously tested and retested before it is released to the retail market assuring a quality product will be delivered to your home every time. 

Now that's truly stress less furniture!

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