Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blog Blitz - Day Two "Stress Less"

            European design and comfort handmade in Germany that's available in America.

At Himolla they develop new mechanisms and models, constantly strive to improve existing models and test materials and parts. Before any new components may be used for serial production they have to undergo thorough testing and need to pass strict self imposed quality requirements that in most cases are much higher than standards set by the German Association of Quality Furniture Makers (DGM). Moreover, random tests are run on components used in production to guarantee ongoing
"Quality made in Germany". While high-quality components are a prerequisite to manufacture a premium product, it is the people that ultimately make the difference! Despite many automated processes the making of upholstery furniture still requires a great deal of skillful manual labour. Properly trained and dedicated workers are hard to find. In fact, Himolla compete with some of the world's most renown luxury car manufacturers who produce within less than 50 miles from our factory. Therefore, Himolla proudly runs its own apprentice department where high school graduates are trained for their future job in both production and administration. This state-supported training program takes a minimum of 2-3 years and successful graduates are guaranteed a future with Himolla. As a consequence our staff have a great loyalty towards the company and the average time of employment at Himolla is an incredible 18 years!

Join the thousands of people who have already decided to ditch the ottoman for a more stress less experience with Himolla.

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